Whats new in Updater 5.0

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The latest updater has just become available, which will take CTS to a new level of user experience altogether. What is new in this version of CTS? To summarize in one sentence, it has made it easy for teachers to use smartclass CTS. Here is an explanation of all the additions and updates.

Making it easy to use

Smartclass recommended lesson plans: The feedback from teachers and users last year was that there are a huge number of materials in the classroom, it is becoming difficult for many teachers to find the right module or other materials for the class. This year, our subject experts have carefully selected the "right" materials and created lesson plans. This will make it really easy for teachers to find just the right modules to use in class. Of course, if teachers know some other module which they wish to use, that is easy to find too by searching for it.

Objective type tests: Look for a topic "Chapter Level Resources" at the end of every chapter. This contains materials that are to be used after covering the entire chapter. Almost all the chapters now have objective type tests. With 15-20 questions in each test, here is an readymade way to assess how much the students have learnt. Keep one period for this activity. You can use SAS if you have it, or simply go through the test in class and ask students to do the problems there and then. About a third of the chapters have these tests already. And those which don't will have it soon.

Exercises: Our team of master teachers is carefully sifting through important questions and providing them as suggested exercises. These are questions that you can print and handout to students to do. If you don't think some questions need to be done, you can simply mark on the printout. Math questions come with answers. These are available for CBSE at present. Other board materials are being developed speedily, and will be provided over the next 3-4 months. We hope this will help teachers and schools by reducing the time teachers have to spend on preparing assignments and worksheets.

Board preparation materials: As you know, we have close ties with teachers of schools of the country who have shown sustained expertise at preparing their students for board exams. The teachers of these schools have guided us in creating a set of materials that will help students do extremely well in the class 12 board exams. These include exam practice questions, questions from past year papers and mock tests. Work is on to expand this offering for all boards.

Smartclass teacher presentations (Upcoming): We have made a small beginning in sharing teacher presentations made by teachers across the country, for regional boards such as Samacheer, Karnataka board, etc. These presentations help teachers cover the entire topic easily, by providing the complete contents of the book graphically. 

Suggested CCE worksheets for CBSE schools (Upcoming): We will soon release a package to help teachers assign CCE assignments to students. Beginning with 9-10th in July, CTS will contain suggested individual and team projects which you can choose and assign. Each exercise will come complete with a comprehensive explanation on how to  manage/grade the CCE assignments.

Major content areas which have seen significant enhancement

English Prose: This year we will see a lot of progress in our English materials for CBSE, especially for Class 9-12. There are a lot of new modules covering the prose chapters in the Literature Reader (9th-10th) and the Main Course Book (11-12). Each prose chapter now has materials to help teachers cover the chapter and questions and answers related to the chapter. 

Accountancy: There is now a complete coverage for accountancy, for class 11 and 12 for CBSE.

History and Political Science: There has been a lot of progress in creating rich media materials for History and Political Science (for class 11-12) this year.

Hindi Grammar: We have made a small beginning with Hindi Grammar and Poetry modules in Hindi, especially for K-5. Initial feedback from teachers is very positive. They say they have been waiting for these for many years!

Science Experiments: Science teachers have often complained that while it is easy to teach concepts with our modules, they would like something to show the practical applications of science. A large number of modules showing Science Experiments have been created for classes 6-10, which show how to perform small experiments that illustrate scientific ideas. These are a great addition to our repository and useful across boards.

Mathematics Activities: Again, more than a 100 mathematical activities have been made and provided this year to make mathematical formulas more intuitive to understand. These are at the 6-10th level, and can easily help teachers create a math lab in the school!

Technical features

Online updater: Updater 5.0 will the last updater which requires a visit by our engineer to the schools. This means that contents can be updated frequently, provided the school has an internet connection. Ask your SCC or smartclass service representative about this feature.

Improved quality with full screen view: Each content module now shows up on the screen in fullscreen view. This helps in keeping the focus of attention on the subject matter being covered, and gives students a view that they are used to when they watch movies or play games.

I hope the above additions to our server will be found useful as schools head into the new academic year!