Set up a Remote Device

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To enable students to use SAS devices for assessment, you need to set up the devices first in CTS. Let’s look at the steps to do the same.


  1. After logging into web CTS, click Setup Device in the Setup SAS section in the left pane. This opens the Setup Device screen in the right pane.
  2. Specify a unique name for the device in the Device Name text box. This name will help you to identify the device. Let’s type RemoteD1.
  3. Next, select the Remote type brand from the drop-down. Select Million Digit from the drop-down.
  4. Select the Serial Com Port number from the drop-down list. This indicates the port on the system where remote will be connected. Select Com1 and click Add.
  5. The device gets added to the system.
  6. You can also remove an added device from this screen. To remove a device, click the Delete link at the end of the entry in the list.
  7. You get a delete confirmation message. Click OK to proceed. The device gets deleted from the list.