Search Content based on Keywords

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Suppose you want to give a test to your students and you want to see the tests that are available as resources in CTS. You can search CTS to filter resources per your requirement.

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  1. Let’s assume you want to find all tests that are available for the Water Cycle topic in class 6 Science. Type water cycle in the Search text box and click Search.
  2. The Advance Search section opens in the left pane. Here you can specify all the search parameters.
  3. Select Class 6 in the Class drop-down list and Science in the Subject drop-down list.
  4. To select further parameters, click the More Options button. A list of more options appears below the button.
  5. Select the required Book/ Chapter/ Topic if you want to view tests mapped to a particular board. Let’s search in all books, so we will not select these parameters.
  6. Next, you can filter based on resource types. As you want to view only tests, select MCQ from the Resource Type drop-down list.
  7. CTS contains resources in multiple languages. The Resource Language drop-down allows you the select the required language. Select English.
  8. The Source drop-down is used to limit the source of the search. Here you can specify if you want to search in the tests created by you or all the tests available. Let’s search in all the resources.
  9. Finally, click the Search button. You see the search results per your specifications.