Practice Papers for CBSE English Core

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This would be the first time that the students of Senior Secondary Examination take the examination on the revised CBSE Curriculum 2014-2015. There have been the following changes in the curriculum:

  • The number of Reading Comprehension passages has increased from two to three.
  • The MCQ Type questions have been introduced in the Reading comprehension section.
  • The weightage of marks for the Reading Section has been increased from 20 to 30 marks.
  • The novels prescribed for Long Reading Text (LRT) have been changed; this year onwards, students would be examined on their understanding of George Eliot’s ‘Silas Marner’ and H.G. Wells’ ‘The Invisible Man’.
  • The word limit and weightage for the two LRT questions has become the same for both questions: 120-150 words for 6 marks each.

Keeping these changes in view, we have uploaded five Sample Papers along with their Marking Schemes. We recommend that once your revision is over; attempt the first Sample Paper in the prescribed time of three hours. Do not be tempted to look at the Marking Scheme that follows each Sample Paper.

Review your performance, revise the chapters/poems or formats of writing skills, if required, and then attempt the next Sample Paper in the same manner. The Sample Papers can be downloaded from here.

  1. English Set A
  2. English Set B
  3. English Set C
  4. English Set D
  5. English Set E