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Welcome to Educomp smartclass - DiPS Updater. Dips stands for Digital Products and Solutions. This is a division within Educomp Solutions Ltd. which develops the content and technology used in Educomp smartclass. This website has been created with the aim of providing schools --principals, teachers and students -- direct access to the team that has created Educomp smartclass and related products. 

For nearly 10 years, we have been involved in building educational content and technology systems to help teachers deliver the content. We have made modules that help teachers cover key ideas of all the subjects taught in school, from Kindergarten to Senior Secondary classes. We have attempted to explain all topics with beautiful graphics, so that it becomes easy for students to visualise the most abstract of concepts. 

Over the years, I have visited many schools that have implemented the Educomp smartclass system. Many principals and teachers have asked for a mechanism to interact directly with the team of subject experts and educationists working on the content, so that their ideas can be incorporated into our development plans. This website is an  attempt to connect with you. 

Here you will find explanations of the different types of content that are part of Educomp smartclass (and associated products such as English Mentor, Educomponline.com etc.) There are tutorials on how to take advantage of various features, as well as news on the latest features of the system. 

You can also use the site to tell us your ideas or share your challenges so we get ideas on what areas to work on.

We work hard to provide you material that you require: from question banks to help prepare for Board exams, to material to teach arts subjects in senior school. More is on the way, as we strive to continuously update smartclass CTS to ensure that it remains the biggest, and best, repository of multimedia educational materials in the world.

Best wishes for a new academic year.


Gaurav Bhatnagar (Ph.D)

Senior Vice President

Digital Products and Solutions (DiPS)

Educomp Solutions Ltd.