Manage your own Resources

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Smartclass CTS allows you to add your own resources. If you have added a number of resources for various classes, CTS provided you an option to manage your resources easily.
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Steps to Manage your own Resources:

  1. In the Planning view, click Manage in the My Files section.
  2. The list of resources that you have added appears in the right pane.
  3. You can filter this list based on the selection criteria section on the top.
  4. You can filter resources based on the time period. If you specify the From and To dates, you will be able to filter resources that you added between that time period.
  5. Similarly, you can filter your resources based on the class, subject, book, chapter, and topic for which you added these resources. Suppose you want to filter your resources for class 6 English, select class 6 and English respectively in the Select Class and Select Subject drop-down.
  6. Click Search. The list is filtered based on your selection. You can even specify a keyword for search in the Search text box.
  7. You can delete a resource by clicking the X sign next to it.
  8. Let’s delete TestDemo.
  9. Similarly, you can manage other resources.