Manage Students

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Smartclass CTS web login allows you to manage student accounts for your school. You need to manage student accounts to associate student details with the remote that they will use to take MCQ tests in a class.

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  1. After logging into the system, click Students in the Masters section in the left pane. Manage Students page opens in the right pane. On this page, you can create new student account, edit a student account, or delete a student account.
  2. To create a new account, click Add. On the page that appears, specify the student details.
  3. Type the Student name in the Name text box. Let’s type Student1 as the name.
  4. Select the required class from the Class drop-down list. Select class 4.
  5. Type the section in the Section combo box. Type A.
  6. Specify the birth date in the Date of birth combo box.
  7. Click Add to save the student record.
  8. You can view the student records for a class by selecting the class in the Class drop-down list and selecting the section in the Section drop-down. Select Class 4 and Section A. Click Go. The student details appear on the page.
  9. You can edit any student details from this list or delete the student record.
  10. Let’s edit Student1 to specify the roll no and to associate a remote with this roll no.
  11. Click Edit against Student1. The student details page appears.
  12. Type the remote no. and the roll no. in the Remote Number and the Roll No text boxes respectively.
  13. Click Save to complete the editing.
  14. To delete a student record, click the Delete link against the name of the student. You see the delete confirmation message. Click OK. The entry gets deleted.