Interactive Maps

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Smartclass CTS contains a number of interactive maps to help you in Geography and History classes. Let us take an example to understand it.

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You want to show rainfall distribution in India on a map to your class 11th students. After selecting the required class, subject, and the chapter in CTS, you can see the list of resources available for the same. Click Maps: India-Rainfall in the list. You can see the seasonal rainfall distribution in India.

India rainfall

The map provides you the options to selectively show the distribution based on your class requirements. For example, you can begin by showing the areas that receive less rainfall, say, 0 to 100 cms. You can do this by selecting the corresponding check boxes in the Legend area. Similarly, you can show the areas that receive rainfall above 100 cms separately.


The map also gives you the option to show annual rainfall and annual rainfall variability. You can select this option from the Rainfall drop-down box on top-left.


You can find many similar maps on other topics on CTS, present in the Smartclass recommended lesson plans.