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Q. When I launch or update CTS, I get any of the below errors:

• Invalid license

Smartclass content doesn’t show

• CTS doesn’t start

• Corrupt Auto updater EXE file

A. These errors can be caused by a virus. Check that a licensed version of antivirus is installed and configured on the server. Next, check if the antivirus is updated with the latest updates. To do this, connect the server to the Internet and update the antivirus. Finally, scan your server completely for viruses. If it is not a virus-issue, look for the specific issue in the FAQs below or contact the support team.

Follow the below guidelines to prevent a virus attack on the server:

• Don’t use a pen drive on the server and the client machines

• Update the antivirus regularly and scan the server as well as clients

• Don’t install any third party software on the server

• Don’t share server admin passwords with unauthorized persons

Q. When I launch CTS, I get the “Cannot find server” error.

A. Perform the following steps on the server:

• Open the IIS manager from the Run command using (inetmgr).

• Expand the Web site.

• Check if Smartclass V2010 is running.

• If it is not running, start it.

You can also use the CTSIPConfig utility to change the value of IP Address field from "SMARTCLASS" to the (IP Address of server).

Q. When I launch CTS, I get the WSDL or SOAP-related error. How to resolve it?

A. Check that the CTS application is updated with the latest version. Also, check the application size and the compatible database version.

Q. How can I find out the CTS product and application version details on my server?

A. Launch the CTS application. Click the sign at the bottom-left of the application screen. The status bar on the application expands to show the version details. Click the version number to open the About Product dialog box that shows the required details as below.

Q. How can I update CTS application manually?

A. If the application doesn’t update automatically on launching, you can update it manually. For this, follow the below steps:

a. Open the SmartclassWeb folder -> CTSupdate.

b. Copy the smartclassCTS.exe file.

c. Run this file on the server and all connected client PCs to update.

Q. The search functionality doesn’t work on the CTS. What can I do to correct it?

A. If the search functionality doesn’t work, check if the full-text filter is started. If this is on, next log into the SQL full-text filter daemon launcher.

Follow the below steps to start the full-text filter:

a. On the CTS server, go to Start->Run to open the Run dialog box.

b. Type services.msc and click OK.

c. In the Services dialog box, navigate to the SQL Full text filter. Right-click on the service and select the Properties option from the menu.

d. In the Startup type combo box, select the Automatic option from the drop-down and click OK.

e. The service status would show Started. If it doesn’t, click the Start button.

Follow the below steps to log into the SQL full-text filter daemon launcher:

a. Click Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager.

b. Navigate to SQL Server services, right-click SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher, and select Properties.

c. In the Properties dialog box, navigate to the Log on as tab.

d. Select the Built-in account radio button and select either Local System or Local Service -> click Apply -> OK. This selection is based on how your server is configured.

e. Check for the search functionality. If it still doesn’t work, select the This account radio button. Type Administrator in the Account Name text box and the respective password in the Password text box. Click Apply and OK.

Q. How can I select the board and the regional language required for my school?

A. To select the required board and the regional language,

a. Open the Smartclass Configuration Utility folder on the server.

b. Double click on the SmartclassConfigurationApp.exe file.

c. In the configuration dialog box, select the checkboxes for the required board. Note that the Universal board is no longer active.

d. Similarly, select the checkboxes for the required languages. Note that the English language is mandatory.

e. Save the configuration.

Q. How can I create new teacher ids and assign boards, subjects to them?

A. Refer to the Manage Teachers video on http://dips.educomp.com/manage-teachers

Q. How can I select the board and the regional language required for my school?

A. The smartclass web interface provides an option Exclude Books using which an admin can restrict or display certain books. Let’s assume you want to show the Chemistry 2010 AP Board book in class 8 list of books. To do this,

a. Login to web CTS using the admin login.

b. Click the Exclude Books option in the Masters section on the left pane.

c. Select the required class in the Select class drop-down and click Go. Select class 8 here.

d. The list of books appears below. The books selected with a checkbox are selected for exclusion in the selected class.

e. To show the Chemistry 2010 AP Board book, deselect the checkbox in front of the book and click Save.

f. The book will be visible in class 8 now.

Q. I am getting an ‘Invalid license’ message on launching CTS. What should I do?

A. Follow the below steps to regenerate a new license key:

a. Delete the old EducompAuthKey.key file from C: /temp folder on the server.

b. Generate the new EducompAuthKey.key by using the Auth key utility.

c. Send the newly generated EducompAuthKey.key to pooja.mehrotra@educomp.com with the School ERP code, School Name and the 16-Digit school ID.

d. You will receive a new license key.

Q. I am getting an Invalid license message and I am not able to generate the new Auth key. What should I do?

A. Your server should be connected to the Internet. Check your LAN connection and update the LAN drivers.

Q. My smartclass license has expired. How do I get this reactivated?

A. To download the renewed license, log into www.fgr.educomp.com. Click the Track School License link. Type the ERP code of your school in the text box to view your school license status.

Q. CTS server in my school is not getting started. What should I do?

A. Try to restart the server. If not successful, contact your Area Manager or log your complaint at the toll free no. 1800-102-1441.

Q. How can I reach the support team if CTS content is not showing in my school server?

A. Call at 011-47991111 /12/13/14/15/17 for any software-related issues. Call at 011-47991118 for any license-related issues.

Q. When I run smartclass updates, how do I know that the updates are done on the server successfully?

A. When you receive smartclass updates, you also receive a release notes document for the updates. If you haven’t received the same, contact your Area Manager. The release notes document describes the content and other changes in the new updates. After the server is updated, refer this document for the changes details and check the server for the given changes. If you are able to see the changed content per the release notes document, the server is updated.

Q. When I play Hindi modules, the fonts don’t display correctly in some of the modules. How can I correct this?

A. Hindi fonts don’t display correctly because ‘K010’ & ‘Mangal’ fonts are not installed. You need to install these fonts on the system running CTS. To install, perform the below steps:

a. Download ‘K010.TTF’ and ‘Mangal.TTF’ font from the Internet.

b. Click Start -> Run -> Type “Fonts” and press Enter.

c. Copy and paste ‘K010’ & ‘Mangal’ font in that folder. This would resolve the issue.

d. If the font issue still persists, contact the support team.

View Demo:

Q. I get a black screen on launching any module. I have a 2003 server.

A. Perform the below steps to correct the issue:

a. Click Start -> Run -> Type “inetmgr” and press Enter.

b. Expand the icons and right click on SmartclassV2010 -> Properties.

c. Select the Home Directory tab and click the Configuration button.

d. Click the Add button to open the Add/ Edit dialog box.

e. Type path (c:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_isapi.dll) in the Executable textbox and .MP4 in the Extension textbox. Click OK.

View Demo:

Q. When I run Autoupdater 5.0, I get the error “Extra Folder in Contentresources”.

A.You get this error because a few virtual directories don’t exist in the IIS website configuration. To correct the issue, follow the below steps:

a. Click Start -> Run -> Type “inetmgr” and press Enter.

b. Expand Websites -> right-click SmartclassV2010 -> New -> Virtual Directory.

c. Click Next.

d. In the , specify the name that is shown in the error box. For example, the name to be entered in the above displayed error would be MLSContent. Note that the virtual directory names are case-sensitive.

e. Click Next.

f. Browse the path of the virtual directory to a physical folder in the Server HDD, if the folder is not present, it has to be created with the same spelling given in the previous screen.-> click Next -> click Next -> click Finish.

g.Right-click on ”Virtual Directory Name” and select properties -> in the box , select ‘Scripts Only’ -> click on -> .

If you still face issues in Auto-updater, contact the support team.