Create your own MCQ tests

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Smartclass CTS provides you the option of creating your own multiple-choice tests that you can administer in class. Suppose you want to create a new test for the chapter Knowing your Numbers in Class 6 Math.

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Steps to Create your own MCQ tests:

  1. Go to the Planning view after logging in.
  2. You can create tests at the book/ chapter or topic level. Let’s create the test at the chapter level. Select Chapter Level in the MCQ Tests section in the left pane.
  3. Type a name for the test in the MCQ Name text box. Let’s type Numbers test.
  4. Select the book and the chapter the test would belong to.
  5. Next, click the Add New Question button. This opens the dialog box to add a question.
  6. Type the question lead-in text in the Question  tab. You can format the text using the Bold, Italics, and Underline icons. You can also insert an image for the question.
  7. Next, you specify whether the question is a high-order thinking skill or low-order thinking skill. Select the appropriate radio button for HOT or LOT.
  8. To add the four options for the question, click the A to D tabs one by one and type the required option text.
  9. Select the Correct Answer radio button on the tab that includes the correct answer.
  10. After adding all the options, you can preview the question. Click the Preview button.
  11. This shows you the question as it would appear when you administer the test. If you are satisfied and don’t wish to change further, close the Preview window and save the question.
  12. The question appears in your Questions list.
  13. Similarly, add the remaining questions. You can also search the available questions on the selected chapter. Click the Search Question button.
  14. The list of available questions appears. Add the required question by clicking the + sign next to it.
  15. Close the Search Results window and save the test.

The test is now available in the selected chapter as a resource.