Create your own Lesson Plan

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You can create your own lesson plan in CTS. You can add Smartclass content such as animations and MCQs or your own resources to a lesson plan.

Suppose you want to teach Types of Graphs to your students of class 8. Let’s see how you can create your lesson plan for this topic.

View Demo:

Steps to Create your own Lesson Plan:


  1. After selecting class and subject, go to the Planning View.
  2. Click New in the Lesson Plan section.
  3. Type a name that you want to give to the lesson plan. Let’s type Graph Types. If you want to add any description, you can do that in the Description text box. Type My Lesson Plan in the Description text box.
  4. Click the Add Resource button to select the resources that you want to add to the lesson plan.
  5. Type the required keyword in the Search Text  text box. Type types of graphs and click Search to show the relevant resources.
  6. To add a resource to the lesson plan, click the plus (+) sign in front of the resource. When you click the plus sign, it disappears indicating that the resource has been added to lesson plan.
  7. Click the close (x) button on the Search window to go back to the lesson plan screen.
  8. You see the selected resources in the lesson plan window. You can also change the sequence of these resources.
  9. Do this by dragging the resource to the required sequence.
  10. You can then save your lesson plan by clicking the Save button.

You can now open this saved lesson plan in your class whenever required.