Conduct an MCQ Test using Remote Devices

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You can conduct MCQ tests in a class on Smartclass CTS, which gives you the option of conducting it either with remote devices or without it. When you use remote devices to conduct MCQ tests, you can easily evaluate students on their performance in the MCQ test. Let’s view a demo for the same.

View Demo:


Before you can use remote devices in MCQ tests, you need to set up remote devices on Smartclass CTS. Contact your SCC for setting up remote devices.

  1. To conduct MCQ test in a class, login to CTS and select the required class and the subject.
  2. Select the required chapter topic in the book menu.
  3. Click the MCQs button in the right pane. All the available MCQs for the selected chapter topic are displayed.
  4. Select the required MCQ test from the displayed list.
  5. The MCQ opens with the remote selection dialog box. Select Yes in the SAS Recording dialog box.
  6. To view students’ details, click the Students button on the right side. You see the names of the students listed.
  7. As soon as a student marks the answer on the question, his/her name gets highlighted. When all the names are highlighted, click Next to move to the next question.
  8. Repeat Step 7 till all questions are answered.
  9. You can check correct answers to all questions by clicking the Answer Sheet button at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Click the Scoresheet button to view students’ performance on the test.