Using Videos from the Internet in your Class

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Disclaimer: The copyright for all the videos suggested here are owned by the respective youtube channels that have uploaded these. We have just selected the videos from the Internet based on the CBSE content and provided a reference to the link. We don't own any copyright for any of these videos.

Some of the subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, History, and Political Science can be made interesting in a class with the use of videos. Internet has a vast collection of videos available on these subjects that can be used effectively to teach some of the topics. Below is a listing of subjects for which our subject experts have recommended videos from the Internet on specific topics. You can use these videos while teaching the respective subjects in your class.

Class XI Psychology

Class XII Psychology

Class XI Sociology

Class XII Sociology

Class XI History

Class XII History

Class XI Political Science

Class XII Political Science

Class XI Fine Arts

Fine Arts (Additional Topics)


Class XI Psychology (Videos compiled by Priyanka Jain)

What is Psychology?

Methods of Enquiry in Psychology

Human Development

Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Processes


Human Memory



Class XII Psychology (Videos compiled by Priyanka Jain)

Variations in Psychological Attributes

Self and Personality

Meeting Life Challenges

Psychological Disorders

Therapeutic Approaches

Attitude and Social Cognition

Social Influence and Group Processes

Psychology and Life

Developing Psychological Skills


Class XI Sociology (Videos compiled by Dr. Anubhushan Gupta)

Sociology and Society

Terms, Concepts and Their use in Sociology

Understanding Social Institutions

Culture and Socialisation

Doing Sociology: Research Methods

Social Structure, Stratification and Social Processes in Society

Social Change and Social Order in Rural and Urban society

Environment and Society

Introducing Western Sociologists


Class XII Sociology (Videos compiled by Dr. Anubhushan Gupta)

The Market as a Social Institution

Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion

Structural Change

Cultural Change

The Story of Indian Democracy

Change and Development in Rural Society

Change and Development in Industrial Society

Globalisation and Social Change

Mass Media and Communication

Social Movements


Class XI History (Videos compiled by Shiny Joseph)

From the Beginning of Time

Writing and City Life

An Empire Across Three Continents

The Central Islamic Lands

Nomadic Empires

The Three Orders

Changing Cultural Traditions

Confrontation of Cultures

The Industrial Revolution

Displacing Indigenous Peoples

Paths to Modernisation


Class XII History (Videos compiled by Shiny Joseph)

The Harappan Civilisation

Early States and Economies

Cultural Developments

Perceptions of Society

Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts


The Mughal Courts

The Revolt of 1857 and its Representations

Urbanisation, Planning and Architecture

Civil Disobedience and Beyond

Politics, Memories and Experiences

The Beginning of a New Era



Class XI Political Science (Videos compiled by Shiny Joseph)

Political Theory: An Introduction



Social Justice







Constitution: Why and How

Rights in the Indian Constitution

Election and Representation




Constitution as a Living Document


Class XII Political Science (Videos compiled by Shiny Joseph)

The Cold War Era

The End of Bipolarity

US Hegemony in World Politics

Alternative Centres of Power

Contemporary South Asia

International Organisations

Security in the Contemporary World

Environment and Natural Resources


Challenges of Nation Building

Era of One Party Dominance

Politics of Planned Development

India's External Relations

Challenges to and Restoration of Congress Party

Crisis of Democratic Order

Rise of Popular Movements

Regional Aspirations

Recent Developments in Indian Politics


Class XI Fine Arts (Videos compiled by Ravinder Verma)

Nature Study

Still Life

Life Drawing – Anatomy Study

Light and Shade Drawing Study

Drawing - Study

The Basic Principles of Colour & Colour Mixing

Portrait -Study

Painting - Study


Fine Arts (Additional Topics) (Videos compiled by Ravinder Verma)

Etching and Engraving (Intaglio Process)


Paper-Cardboard Print

Linocut (Relief Printing)


Wood cut (Relief Printing)