Science and Mathematics Activities

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Educomp smartclass CTS includes a large number of special modules designed to make science and mathematics more real to students. There are designed on the basis of science activities and mathematics activities for classes 6-10 suggested by the NCERT. Here is an example of a science activity.


Each science module consists of the basic theory and then step by step introductions on how to perform the activity. Teachers can either assign these activities to students, or show a selection in the classroom while covering the topic. Occasionally, with prior planning, teachers can actually conduct these activities before the students in the classroom itself. 

The total number of Science Experiment Modules is 376. There are 92 for Biology, 151 for Chemistry and 133 for Physics. You will find them in smartclass recommended lesson plans. 

Similarly there are 139 Math activities available. Again, the purpose of the activity modules is to make abstract formulas real to students. These are based on NCERT recommended Math lab activities that need to be part of the curriculum. Here is an example.

The following icons will help you recognize them when you see them.