Add your own Resources to Smartclass CTS

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You have a host of resources/ files available in Smartclass CTS to teach a topic in a class. However, if you want to use your own resources in class, you can add these in CTS. Suppose you are teaching the Water Cycle topic to your students and you have a wonderful ppt on it and a diagram that you want to show in the class. Let’s see how you can add your resources/ files to CTS.

View demo:

Steps to Add your Resources/ Files to CTS:

If you are already logged in the classroom view, switch view to Planning. You can do this by clicking the button at bottom-left of the CTS window. This expands as below.

  1. After logging into CTS, select the required class and subject. Let’s select Class 6 Science.
  2. Click the Planning button.
  1. Click Switch View. The Planning screen appears.
  2. To add your file, click New in the My Files section in the left pane.
  3. The class/ subject that you selected while logging in will be selected by default. You can change it if required.

  4. Select the required chapter from the Select Chapter drop-down list. Select Water here.
  5. Select Water Cycle in the Select Topic drop-down list.
  6. Next, type a display name for your file. Type Water Cycle in the Display Name text box.
  7. You can add a description for the file if required.

  8. Browse the required file from the folder where it is located on your system.
  9. You can add the files of following types:

  1. Save to CTS by clicking Save.

You see a success message on the screen. Similarly, you can add other file types to CTS and then use in the class.